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At the Ritual Image, we base our rates primarily on discussions with clients about what they want in their shoot. We know that everyones expectations and vision is different, and thus the following rates are simply a guide to give you a starting figure. Please get in touch for a full quote.

Standard Shoot £100 - 15 fully edited photos minimum in 1 outfit, shoot last roughly 30 minutes.

Double shoot £160 -  A shoot featuring 2 outfits, Minimum 15 edited photos in each, shoot last roughly 1 hour.

Couple Shoot - add £20 to your overall shoot.

Video - With video work, we can offer services through all the way through from pre to post productionDue to the sheer number of possibilities a video project could involve and the levels of work involved, it's difficult to offer a general rate. So please drop us a message and we'll figure it out regarding your budget and needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bring someone along who’s not modelling?

Of course you can, in fact we’d recommend it.

Do I need any experience modelling?

Nope, The Ritual Image is open to anyone, from seasoned professionals to absolute beginners. In fact, we’d be honoured to work with you on your first shoot, and we’ll happily guide you through the shoot.

Do you work with SW’s?

We very much do. We’re happy to work with SW’s on either Photo or Video work, for what ever platforms you use.

Do I need a concept?

This is completely up to you. You’re the boss as much as you want to be. You can have a full blown master plan, or just say you like purple, or just want “mysterious”. We’ll have some back and forth before hand to figure all this out.

What should I wear, should I bring a change of clothes?

Wear whatever you’re comfortable in and makes you feel fabulous. A choice of outfits is always a bonus, as we can discuss and see what works best for you on that day with the concept we’ve decided on. If we shooting at the studio there will be space to change.

Will any of your work become NFT’s?


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