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How its all going

So it’s been a good minute since I updated this blog. And thankfully thats been because I’ve been busy taking photos of many wonderful people. I can’t actually believe the variety of shoots I’ve been able to be a part of. Since I updated this blog we’ve taken part in a witchy lingerie shoot, a submissive fetish shoot, multiple glamour style shoots, male fashion modelling, actors headshots and even a frickin’ pool shoot. It’s been great to try my hand at all these different styles, and I’m finding not only what I enjoy most (surprise surprise its the sexy stuff) but also how to bring my own style into different shoots that don’t initially scream that they are a Spence style shoot. I’m also getting more comfortable in front of the camera, and depending on how my confidence evolves with my transition you can expect to see more of my lovely face.

On the note of transitioning thats going really well too, and I’m hoping to be on hormones in the not too distance future. It’s been a rollercoaster so far, especially as its only actually been just over 6 months since I came out. And whilst there are still difficulties and dysphoria keeps kicking my ass, transitioning is still easily the best decision of my life to start transitioning.

We’ve got some exciting shoots coming up so please keep your eyes peeled, I cant wait to show you what my brain has been cooking up.

Open For Business

This week we officially opened our new studio, and to commemorate I took another batch of self portraits. I’m so pleased with how the studio’s come together and I love the lighting I’ve been abl to achieve. Opening a boutique photography studio in the middle of Stourbridge felt like a pipe dream a few months ago but now it’s a reality. Can’t wait to start working with clients and getting creative.

Portraits of Ones Self

I’ve never been one for looking at myself. I’ve also never been, in my opinion anyway, anything resembling photogenic. I mean, every selfie on my phone is of me pulling some truly horrific face, because at least then it would be coming out intentionally. But since I’ve begun my transition I’ve been attempting to document the changes I’m undergoing. Partly for just some sort of historical record, but mainly to have a some sort of record of how far I’ve come when I start having another dysphoric episode. So with this in mind, coupled with needing to learn how to use my new Panasonic GH6, I got myself all made up and shuffled round my garden taking self portraits.  And you know what, despite feeling like a right idiot whilst taking them, I’m actually pleased with how they came out. Not just because I think they are pretty nice photo’s, but because they are of me, a me that looks happier in their skin, closer to the me I think I always felt I was.

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