The Ritual Image

Portraits of Ones Self

I’ve never been one for looking at myself. I’ve also never been, in my opinion anyway, anything resembling photogenic. I mean, every selfie on my phone is of me pulling some truly horrific face, because at least then it would be coming out intentionally. But since I’ve begun my transition I’ve been attempting to document the changes I’m undergoing. Partly for just some sort of historical record, but mainly to have a some sort of record of how far I’ve come when I start having another dysphoric episode. So with this in mind, coupled with needing to learn how to use my new Panasonic GH6, I got myself all made up and shuffled round my garden taking self portraits.  And you know what, despite feeling like a right idiot whilst taking them, I’m actually pleased with how they came out. Not just because I think they are pretty nice photo’s, but because they are of me, a me that looks happier in their skin, closer to the me I think I always felt I was.

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